SMB Sakura
Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition is a game that was released for iPad on April 2nd, 2010. It is also on Android and the Windows Phone, This is the 10th aniversry game for Super Monkey Ball.

Modes Edit

Main Game Edit

The objective of this game is to tilt the screen to roll the ball across a series of platforms to the goal. Collecting 10 bananas will give you an extra life, 10 bananas without losing a life will give you a crown, with a special crown level if you get 10 crowns.

Practice Edit

This mode lets you play whatever stage you unlocked from the worlds you played, you can't play stages you did not play yet.

Quick Play Edit

In this mode, stages will be selected randomly.

Minigames Edit

The following Mini Games are available

  • Monkey Golf
  • Monkey Target
  • Monkey Bowling
  • Monkey Base

Worlds Edit

There are 6 worlds, Each world has 2 sets of 10 levels, (except Far East) Many of these worlds are from Banana Blitz, Far East is a world taken from Step & Roll, It is located in the icon to the left of the globe, This is just for fun, so you won't unlock crowns, and your progress will not affect your progress in the main game,

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