Stage Description: Edit

Super Straight
Stage Name:
Super Straight
Monkey Island
Games appeared in:
Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll
Number of Bananas:
Previous Stage:
Next Stage:
Winding Path

Super Straight is he easiest, and the first level in the Game Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll. This level is in fact so easy, that I think that they shouldn't have even put "Super" in the name! This level is basically a straight red line with two slightly higher walls around it, and some tiki heads (With Wii remote.).

Oh well, here the level and how to do it.

Goal Tutorial: Edit

To get into the goal, go straight forwards. That's it. If you're using a Wii remote, be cautious of the tiki heads alongside the path. They will knock you out of the red path!

Links: Edit

Next Stage: Winding Path

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