Swing Bridges
Space Colony (SMB2), Chip (SMBDX) (aka Dr. Bad Boon's Base)
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Time Limit
60 seconds
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Swing Bridges is the second Master stage of both Super Monkey Ball 2, and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's Ultimate difficulty.


Swing Bridges

The stage.

The stage involves several bridges that move in a pattern so that you can't always simply across them and land right on the next platform. There are two sets of bridges - one in front of the start platform, which are moving sequentially fast in a pattern, and one rather far behind (requiring a running start to even get to), also getting sequentially fast with each bridge. There is a platform right before the main set, but not before the one leading to the green goal.

Goal TutorialEdit

There are two goals in this stage - the blue goal and a green goal.

Blue goalEdit

The blue goal is straight ahead - you simply need to cross the bridges to get to it. Both of the first ones can be crossed relatively easy as long as you go pretty fast and aim yourself so you can land and stop on the platforms (to wait for the bridges to come across so you can get on), but the third will (unless you know a strategy) need you to get on it and get into the center, and then get moving towards the goal platform once it starts swinging back around. You'll get to the goal platform and you can move to the next stage.

The quick strategy to this stage is to simply go forward as fast as possible, moving yourself so that you will land on the platforms by heading towards the center of each. You will want to 

Green goalEdit

The green goal is very difficulty to hit, even using a strategy, as you need to execute the strategy as close to exact as you can. There are two versions of the strategy - one is designed for space colony, as it's textures can be used for more exactness, and one is designed for Dr. Bad Boon's Base, also known as Chip.

Space Colony (Super Monkey Ball 2)Edit

You will want to go straight forward, and as soon as you are moving across the third "bar" on the start platform, you will want to stop moving forward and will want to completely stop and turn around upon being on the furthest bar. You will then want to turn around and begin heading straight for the small ramp on the back of the platform. You'll hit it, and will want to coordinate yourself to land and go along the first bridge. You'll fall off to the next platform, and by that time should have enough speed to begin surfing across the gaps to the next bridges and to the goal platform. This strategy should get you in the goal at about the 45th second.

Dr. Bad Boon's Base (Super Monkey Ball Deluxe)Edit

This strategy works using time rather than platform textures. You will want to go straight forward to the end of the stage and turn around - it's alright if you move forward a couple squares while turning around, although, you should try to avoid it if you can. You will want to wait until a little bit after the 49th second starts to tick down (wait until about :70) - this should give you enough time to get to the end and turn yourself around. After that time is hit, you should start moving forward, and prepare to move a bit to the right, as the first bridge will be closer to there while swinging when you get there. After that, you do what you would normally for the blue goal strategy. Using this method you should hit the green goal at around the 40th second. You may end up bouncing on the last circle platform and still making it onto the platform and in the goal - this may set your time back about 4 seconds.

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