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A Switch first seen in Super Monkey Ball 2.Floor: Switches

A switch is a prop in Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball 3D. It triggers an event when it is touched.


Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

In Super Monkey Ball 2, switches are red beveled octagons with a symbol in the center. They become brighter when pressed.

Super Monkey Ball 3DEdit

In Super Monkey Ball 3D, switches are pink circles with a purple triangle in the center. Pink smoke appears when not pushed. When pushed, it turns blue for a split second.


A switch, when pressed, triggers an event (generally a moving part of the stage). What it actually does, and whether it repeats or not, depends on the stage.

Types of switchesEdit

In Super Monkey Ball 2, there are five kinds of switches which perform various things. These are identified by the symbol in the center of the stage.

  • Play switch (right-facing triangle)-perform basic task or change moving parts to moving forward at normal speed.
  • Reverse switch (left-facing triangle)-Change moving parts to moving backwards at normal speed.
  • Fast-forward switch (two right-facing triangles)- Change moving parts to moving forward at fast speed.
  • Rewind switch (two left-facing triangles)- Change moving parts to moving backward at fast speed.
  • Pause switch (paralell rectangles)-Stop moving parts.

Play switches are the only kind of switch in Super Monkey Ball 3D.


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