Switch Inferno is a stage in Super Monkey Ball 2. It consists (hence its name) of sixty-four Switches that will either trigger a moving wall or make the goal usable.


The layout is two stories tall. The top story has the goal, which is hidden underneath the platform. This story also has 64 switches, arranged in an 8x8 pattern. Of these, 6 raise the goal for a few seconds, 29 trigger the movable left wall, and 29 trigger the movable right wall. Either wall will smack the player if they do not hit one of the six that are correct.

The bottom is a simple platform that is connected to the top via a ramp. You cannot access the goal from here.

Goal LocationEdit

The only goal here is a Blue Goal.

Blue GoalEdit

As previously described, this goal is hidden underneath the top story and inaccessible from the bottom story. It can be uncovered by pressing the correct switch and rushing towards the goal. See "Switch Locator" below for more information.

For a spoiler on exactly which switch to press, look below.

The best switch to press is the one that is third from the left and fourth from the back. Hit it with a running start and head into the goal.

Other StrategiesEdit

Switch LocatorEdit

A basic strategy is to press two incorrect switches and escape to the bottom story. Use the map and take note of those that did NOT light. Return to the top and press an unlighted switch to reveal the goal. Keep hitting the correct switches until you can make it through the goal. If you accidentally hit an incorrect switch, remember its position and try again.

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