Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Banana Count
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Conveyors (Story Mode)
Bowl (Challenge Mode)
SMBDX - Floaters
Previous Stage

Switches (World 1-4 and Beginner Floor 4) is the fourth floor of Jungle Island and the fourth floor of Beginner in Super Monkey Ball 2 Challenge Mode.


This stage has 2 switches, both play switches. There is a green goal in this stage that takes you to Floaters, the 6th beginner level, if playing Challenge Mode. (If playing Story mode, you only get a bonus 10,000 points added to your score, though it will be doubled if you earn a Time Bonus.) There are 10 Bananas.


There are 2 goals in this level: the Blue goal and the Green Goal.

Blue GoalEdit

The blue goal is easy again! All you have to do is press the play switch on the first platform. Then go straight until you are on the second platform. DON'T press the next play switch! Go around it and then head forward until you reach the large hole. Then you go in the blue goal!

Green GoalEdit

The Green goal is hard. Just do the steps for the blue goal but when you are at the second play switch, press it. Then the platform should go up. Then go on the brown skiny line on the side. When you are in the middle of it fall diagonally. Then you get the Green Goal!

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