The stage

Teapot is the 10th and final Advanced Extra stage in Super Monkey Ball 2.


This is one of the two stages with only a 30 second time limit, the other being Melting Pot (Expert 3 or World 5-3). The stage consists of a play switch and two banana bunches on the side walls of the start platform. Situated above the plane ahead is a giant teapot with a yellow-green rod passing through its handle. The play switch activates the rod, which turns over the teapot and dumps a large cube containing the blue goal, similar to the one in Air Hockey (Expert 50 or World 9-10).

Goal TutorialEdit

When you start the stage, you will automatically land on the play switch. There are two ways to go about the remainder of the tutorial.

1: The Wait-and-See Approach. Go to the right, collect the banana bunch, and fall onto the plane. Position the ball somewhere in the middle right side of the plane, kind of close to the edge, and hopefully the cube will land around you. If it does, quickly roll into the goal before the teapot knocks it over the edge. If it does not, just fall out and try from the beginning because it's very hard to get over the ledges at the base of the cube with so little time before the cube gets knocked off the plane.

2: The Drop-Down-and-Bounce Approach. After you land on the play switch, wait until the clock reads about 25.00 seconds. As you see the cube about to emerge from the teapot, charge to the right, and bounce into the cube, which will have just landed if you timed it correctly. Quickly get into the goal.

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