Difficulty Group
Volcanic Magma (Challenge Mode) Clock Tower (Story Mode)
Time Limit
Next Stage
Previous Stage
Entangled Path

Totters is the 35th Expert Floor in Super Monkey Ball 2, and stage 8-5 in Story Mode.

Description Edit


An animated simulation of Totters (click to view).

This stage has 3 half pipes spinning in circular rods. The first one spins counterclockwise, the second one spins clockwise, and the third one spins counterclockwise but twice as fast. The pipes tilt when the player lands on them, hence the name. What makes them tilt is part of the circular rods.

Goals Edit

The only goal there is a Blue Goal. Rush, but be careful or else you will fall off.

Strategies Edit

You can also balance on one of the rods in this stage.

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