Ultra Heaven 5 is the 5th stage of Ultra Heaven in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Due to the unpredictable bouncing when landing on the colored pointy tiles that take up much of the floor, this stage is commonly referred to as the hardest stage in the game and one of the hardest in the franchise, its difficulty being comparable to stages such as Stamina Master and Bridge Master from Super Monkey Ball and Helix from Super Monkey Ball 2.

Goal TutorialEdit

A common strategy in completing this level is to avoid landing on the colored pointy tiles as much as possible. This is best done with YanYan, the character with the highest jump rating in the game.

In the first half of the stage, the colored tiles can be avoided completely with YanYan by jumping from platform to platform of regular flooring that contain banana bunches, building speed and slowing down when necessary.

The next part of the stage is difficult, as you are faced with separate little platforms of colored pointy tiles with no other way around them. Here, you will have to hope for the best while jumping from platform to platform, trying to control your bouncing as much as possible (YanYan is best with this, again making her the best character with this level). After passing these platforms, try to land and keep your balance in the middle of a long strip of colored pointy tiled floor so you can walk between two of the pointy tiles without having to worry about bouncing around. Do this until you meet regular flooring that precedes the final part of the level.

The final part of the level involves an uphill slope with booster panels and pointy tiles on the surface of the slope. Here you will have to try your best to land on the booster panels and use it to jump up the slope in a way so your next landing will be on another, higher booster panel, otherwise you will be testing your luck with the pointy tiles. The goal will await at the top of this slope.

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