• Ludunne

    I've finished recording the entire (at least as much music from the game as I'm aware exists) soundtrack of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz for Playstation Vita, and the music can now be found on my Youtube account here .

    You can also download the complete soundtrack here, in 256kbps MP3 format (zip file).

    Some of the tracks were harder to mix than others; most sound perfectly fine, but the first few seconds of Monkey Target had to be edited (there's a rather cheap fade-in put in by me to mask it), Monkey Bingo retains a toned-down 'whoosh' sound at the very start (it almost sounds like it's intended though), and Monkey Rodeo also has a fade-in.

    The total number of tracks is 25:

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  • Ludunne

    Banana Splitz - Wiki Update

    November 13, 2013 by Ludunne

    Hello there! I'm new to this wikia, but as an avid fan of the Super Monkey Ball series, I hope to contribute plenty of content in the coming weeks. For the time being though, I've spent a fair few hours of today tidying up and adding content to the Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz page of this wikia. I've also added comprehensive level lists for each difficulty. Each includes an overview of the worlds within it, photographs for each level, a basic outline of each level, and the total banana counts for each level. Finally, I've replaced the old page picture for Super Monkey Ball 1/2/Deluxe's Master difficulty page with a higher-quality one taken directly from the game (and added a passable-quality image for Ultimate mode).

    I think it'd be go…

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