Variable Width
Chip (aka Dr. Bad Boon's Base)
Difficulty Group
Difficulty Rating
Unknown (exclusive to challenge mode)
Time Limit
60 seconds
Next Stage
Previous Stage
SMB2: Clock Face, SMB Deluxe: Monkey Master
10 (as a Banana Bunch)

Variable Width is the first stage of Master Extra in both Super Monkey Ball 2's and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's challenge modes.


Variable Width

The stage.

Variable Width involves a platform leading up to what seems to be an elongated version of it, until you realize that it actually consists of several incredibly thin and long platforms that move down in a sort of arc, and then reform to build the bridge. The goal is at the end - but, the bridges don't reach all the way to it, at least down the center.

Goal TutorialEdit

There is one goal in this stage - the blue goal. The stage is relatively simple as long as you can go straight forward with your controller - you'll have a bit of trouble if you can't. You'll want to go straight down the center until you can see the missing arc at the end, and then you'll want to fall down to a side and then try and aim yourself into the goal when you can hit it without falling in the center or bouncing off the goal post. You want to fall as late as you can, so that you have a less chance of falling.

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