Volcanic Magma is World 2 of Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe's Story Mode. It takes place in a volcano on Jungle Island.

Background Description

In the volcano, there are mostly streams of yellow lava on red rock. There are also two objects that look like miniature versions of the Space Colony.

Story Mode

Volcanic Magma has some Beginner stages and the start of some fairly easy Advanced stages.

Stages (Super Monkey Ball 2)

Stages (Super Monkey Ball Deluxe)

Role in story

The four monkeys gather around to think of a plan to stop Dr. Bad-Boon. However, Bad-Boon's plan is to marry MeeMee in exchange for the return for all of the bananas, but she refuses. Bad-Boon's plan is then to plant a bomb into a volcano to cause it to erupt and Jungle Island will sink into the ocean. Will the monkeys stop him in time before the bomb explodes?

Challenge Mode

Volcanic Magma appears in Expert, where it hosts stages 31-39.