A world is a background and enviornment in which an arena or floor is contained. An independent ecosystem is presented in each world. Worlds can be hacked, escaped (for example in Chip of Super Monkey Ball 2) and/or altered by cheat codes or glitches.

Super Monkey Ball 1 / JrEdit

Super Monkey Ball has nine worlds in the various difficulty modes.

  1. Jungle Island
  2. Mountian Village
  3. Monkey Mall (Not in Super Monkey Ball Jr)
  4. Deep Depth Sea
  5. Oasis Desert
  6. Arctic Ice
  7. Stormy Temple
  8. Outer Space
  9. Master World (Lava Land in Super Monkey Ball Jr.)

Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

Super Monkey Ball 2 has 11 worlds, including Mid-Sky.

  1. Jungle Island
  2. Volcanic Magma
  3. Under the Sea
  4. Inside the Whale
  5. Amusement Park
  6. Boiling Pot
  7. Bubbly Washing Machine
  8. Clock Tower Factory
  9. Space Colony
  10. Dr. Bad-Boon's Base
  11. Mid-Sky

Super Monkey Ball AdventureEdit

Inside Story Mode, the monkeys travel through these four worlds. The stages in the game have backgrounds to reflect these worlds.

  1. Jungle Island
  2. Moonhaven
  3. Zootopia
  4. Monkitropolis and Kongri-La

Super Monkey Ball Touch and RollEdit

Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll has 12 worlds.

  1. Wet 'n Windy
  2. Junglistic Journey
  3. Blistering Sands
  4. Fantascene Falls
  5. Ice Lolie Land
  6. Parlarvar Lava
  7. Tempest Storm
  8. Meteorite Mayhem
  9. Big Bang Boom
  10. Zero G Station
  11. Studio One
  12. Mesh Mosh

 Super Monkey Ball Banana BlitzEdit

This game has 10 worlds. World 9 is unlocked by clearing Worlds 1-8 without a continue, and World 10 is unlocked by clearing World 9 without a continue.

  1. Monkey Island
  2. Jumble Jungle
  3. Smooth Sherbet
  4. Detritus Desert
  5. Pirates Ocean
  6. Cobalt Caverns
  7. Volcanic Pools
  8. Space Case
  9. Sinking Swamps
  10. Ultra Heavens

Super Monkey Ball Step and RollEdit

  1. Monkey Island
  2. Excavation Site
  3. Chimpan Sea
  4. Far East
  5. Polar Festival
  6. Magma Valley
  7. Siliconia

Super Monkey Ball 3DEdit

Monkey BallEdit

  1. Monkey Island
  2. Alladin's Castle
  3. Sweet Fountian
  4. Bananightmare
  5. Dragon's Journey
  6. Skypolis
  7. Space Factory
  8. Mystic Dome

Monkey RaceEdit

  1. Monkey Park
  2. Mt.Tyrano
  3. Sky Way

Monkey FightEdit

  1. Blue Harbour
  2. White Cliff
  3. Green Ship

Super Monkey Ball Banana SplitzEdit

  1. Monkey Island
  2. Night Island
  3. Clay Temple
  4. Block Town
  5. Lava Island
  6. Foggy Temple
  7. Snow Town
  8. Cardboard West
  9. Space Wars
  10. Time Paradox

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