For the level in Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll, see Wormhole (Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll).

Wormhole (Stage 5-1 or Extra 1) is the first floor in both Story Mode Amusement Park level and Challenge Mode's Expert course. It is the first stage to feature wormholes.


The entire floor is made up of two stories. The first story is a flat platform with a wormhole at the end. The second story is made of four columns connected by paths. There is no path between the column with the second wormhole and the column with the goal. The path between the upper-left column and the wormhole column is 6 squares wide. The path between the two empty columns is 4 squares wide. The path between the upper-right column and goal column is 2 squares wide.


First, keep going forward until you reach the wormhole. Next, cross the first path. Bear right, and continue, making sure you don't fall off. Bear another right, and continue forward to the goal. Be careful not to fall off at any time, as the time limit allows for (usually) no more than three tries.

A speedrunning tactic is to attempt to gain speed and clip yourself onto the platform the goal is on when you start the stage.


  • If the player rolls straight forward at the beginning of the stage they might collect the banana bunch located behind the first wormhole prop. This must be a glitch, as having a different speed doesn't collect the banana bunch.