Zootopia is the Second or Third world in Super Monkey Ball Adventure. It is based on a real amusement park and features a magic show, a garden maze, bumper cars, a roller coaster, tightropes, etc. It is a never-ending carnival land, owned by Ma d'Kee and Pa d'Kee. Its mascot is a yellow cat named Fat Cat. It is accessible after getting 60 Joy in Jungle Island and learning the chant "Woo Woo Woo".

The Story

"Welcome to Zootopia? Ha! If only you were! Time was the children cried when they had to leave, now they're crying to get out. Park's not been the same since Fat Cat came in and took over from Ma D'Kee and Pa D'Kee. Only interested in money Fat Cat is. It's all automated now and that's the problem. The rides never stop! They've been in the duckshoot for six months! Waaaaaaaaaaah! Somebody needs to shut those rides down. Somebody needs to the top of Fat Cat's tower and get to the bottom of this."

That's what Cre d'Pee tells you when he introduces you to your first visit of Zootopia. Rides are going nonstop and the citizens and guests both are suffering for it. The missions here involve the player stopping the rides so people can go home, saving monkeys from peril, and helping others perform.

Once you shut down Zootopia, it is revealed Fat Cat is actually a robot made by Ma d'Kee and Pa d'Kee to measure the level of fun the guests have. MeeMee tells them it's not measured, and that you feel it. With that, Zootopia returns to normal and the visitors stay in Zootopia to have a genuinely fun time.

Locations & Missions

Main Street

Roller Coaster

  • Future AiAi - Learn Stickyball chant
  • Whe d'Whe - Help the citizens off the roller coaster
  • Sisi - Take a picture in the ocean
  • Sumsum - Save the children from floating away on the balloons
  • Boomboom - Outrace his monkey ball

Hedge Maze

  • Pospos - Deliver a message to Sumsum
  • Ko d'Ko - Help the citizens off the bumper cars
  • Jo d'Jo - Clean up the litter around the maze
  • Sisi - Take a picture on top of a mast
  • Ale'wat - Bring him 8 balloons

Fat Cat's Tower

  • Cre d'Pee - Climb to the top of the tower and shut down Zootopia


The stages are as follows:

Roller Coaster

Fat Cat's Tower